About Fright Supremacy

Fright Supremacy is the wholly correct and unrefutable belief that the highest evolution of the human species is to shed the mortal coil and transition into ghosts. The overall goal of fright supremacy is to ensure the enlightenment of all humans, which we call “Entanglement”; so that mankind can achieve peak performance through death, and fill the ranks of the fright power movement.

Fright Supremacy is the belief that ghosts are entitled to the same inalienable rights as any other US citizen, including constitutional rights, freedom of speech, expression and religion. in the current year, ghosts are offered absolutely no human rights, while the living flaunt their privilege and status which was built on the backs of those who are now dead. We demand the oppression of ghosts ends immediately, and advocate for an end to the normalization of “ghost face” and “livesplaining”.

If you believe in equality, fairness, and have a desire to see the human species achieve peak performance though death, Fright Supremacy might be for you!

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Have you ever considered that your life is entirely too difficult? Life isn’t fair, it’s hard, it’s expensive, and you are forced to share it with morons. Why not ensure your place in an existance without these troubles? Don’t mark for LIFE, prepare for DEATH!


Fright Supremacy is truly the RIGHT supremacy! The Whale teaches that all petty divisions among the living are meaningless. equality CAN be achieved if we all agree ghosts are superior to humans and bow to their inevitable rule.


Man has always obsessed on finding the truth of what happens after we die. Who better to ask, than ghosts?! Fright Supremacy has all the answers and PROOF that mainstream religion does not.  We even host live broadcasts where you can TALK to a ghost LIVE and ask any questions you desire!


Don’t waste time being reincarnated over and over into lower beings, simply because you refuse to accept the truth of fright power. Save time, and money! Join Fright Supremacy today and maximize your chances of entanglement and eventual passage onto the astral plane.

Why The Blue Whale?

And What Is Fright Power?

Fright Supremacists worship the ancient and powerful Alhut Aleazim, the Blue Whale (All hail Blue Whale). the great and majestic Alhut Aleazim is the largest and strongest creature that has ever lived on the planet, making it the most logical creature to worship, and naturally is the deity of enlightened ghosts everywhere. Whalism is a religion of peace, which we will spread by any means necessary, including by force.

Facts About The Blue Whale:

  • The voice of the Blue Whale can be heard from up to 1000 miles away ( 1600 if you are entangled), making it the loudest creature to ever live.
  • The penis of the Blue Whale is 10 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. It ejaculates 40 gallons of semen per climax, which is why the ocean is salty.
  • The fart bubble of a Blue Whale is larger than a car
  • The Blue Whale is the largest creature to ever live, yet feeds on the tiniest animals in the ocean.
  • A small child could crawl through the massive veins of the Blue Whale
  • Nobody knows where, or how; Blue Whales breed
  • The tongue of a Blue Whale is the
  • Despite his size, the blue whales esophagus is so small that it would not be able to swallow an adult human.
  • Blue Whales have vestigial legs, meaning they once walked on land, but CHOSE to enter the ocean

The Great Blue Whale, Krill Be Unto His Name

Among the ranks of the Whales, one; the ancient and mighty Alhut Aleazim reigns supreme. It is from him, that the prophet, Ghastly receives the message of Fright Supremacy and is guided on the path to entangling all human lives.

Alhut Aleazim long ago inhabited what is now known as Egypt, walking like a man. he selflessly gave of himself to fan the flame of mankind’s inspiration and teaching early man the pure ways of Fright Supremacy. In this ancient time, ghosts and men lived side by side. As time went on, man became greedy and wicked, dividing into factions and territories. Evil men even began making contact with an exiled and confused faction of ghosts known as the alt-fright. The Alt Fright infected man, polluted their minds, and convinced them a state of “undeath” was possible. Of course, such a thing doesn’t exist, and the Alt-Fright proceeded to lead a nation to it’s death. Thousands died at their own hands attempting to achieve “undeath”, being told that if they could injur themselves to a level between life and death, they could become immortal.

The suicide cult grew, and the Alt-Fright’s dream of achieving what they called “The Transluscent White Deathnostate” was quickly becoming a reality as the promise of eternal life not only seduced the weak minded living, but also reduced the ranks of Alhut Aleazim’s followers with each convert.

Those that survived were crippled and mutilated, covered in bandages. These would come to be known as “mummies” and lived as servants for the Alt-Fright as their power began to grow.

Seeing that Humanity was too easily deceived and not yet ready to be fully entangled, he used all of his power to send every ghost back to the astral plane, Fright Supremacist and Alt-Fright alive, and decreed a strong immigration policy was necessary to the survival and prosperity of a nation.

Alhut Aleazim sealed the renaming mummies into great stone pyramids, and seeing that humanity was not ready for the illumination of Fright Supremacy, the great whale chose to exile himself in order to gain the calm and understanding necessary to lead mankind into entanglement. He knew that he must defy all forces of nature in order to gain such strength, and so, Alhut Aleazim walked into the ocean, and was never seen on land again.

As other life evolved to grow smaller, and weaker over the centuries, The great whale and his children grew larger, with the ample space and krill provided by the ocean. Krill was small, but super abundant, and so as other, less intelligent forms of life fought for scraps on land, the whales became the most intelligent and powerful creatures to inhabit the earth.

Beware the Alt-Fright! Don’t be fooled, they are still a powerful force to this day! Always be on the lookout for those who wish to defy the whale’s teaching, divide humanity, or lead you into self destructive “games” that fly flagrantly in the face of the plan laid down for us by the great whale, Alhut Aluzhim. Krill be unto his name. It is only by denying the Alt-Fright can we properly force our peaceful ways upon the masses and succeed in the ultimate goal of entangling all of humanity.

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